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What’s new with IT ReUse? #3

Hello, and welcome to the third update on the latest with IT ReUse! There has been a pause on these of late as a result of some internal restructuring, and the rollout of our new website you are reading this on. More on the first of those below…

As I did in the first and second editions of ‘What’s new with IT ReUse’, I will start by highlighting the efforts of our hard working staff and volunteers – I know the community does feel, and will continue to feel, the impact of those efforts – so thank you as ever.

It’s been a busy month, and a month of change, since last we shared news from the team.

First of all, as some of you may know, staff member Tom Meares has officially begun work in a new role as Head of Projects. He is continuing important work for the organisation as a whole and will again assume the lead role on IT ReUse. Going forward, his experience and enthusiasm will be vital to funding and the support of future projects that we develop. We congratulate him and look forward to seeing his great work in the role.

Tom will have an influx of donated devices to greet him as the result of the generosity of boxxewho this week donated nearly 30 devices – including around 18 laptops and 8 desktops as well as many peripherals such as keyboards. We appreciate their generosity and cannot overstate the impact that will be made on the lives of those in need of our service in York.

Looking ahead, as we look at more ways to increase the self-sustainability of the project, we are exploring the possibility of introducing the limited sale of devices – primarily desktops, as well as screens, cables and other peripherals. These sales would be to the general public as opposed to support workers on behalf of vulnerable clients.

Finally, the purchase of a new battery tester has proved a wise decision – already saving more than £200 in replacement parts.

That’s all for this edition! Thank you for reading, and best wishes to you all.