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ITReUse opens it’s doors for in store sale of affordable tech

We are pleased to announce that we have extended our ITReUse project to include sales of desktops, monitors, headsets and other IT equipment from our Community Furniture Store York base, with all proceeds being used to fund the continued success and growth of the project.   

Just some of the items on offer will be: 

·         A range of desktops, and all the hardware you need to use one.

·         An assortment of landline phones, suitable for home or office use.

·         A selection of laptops and desktops from the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s; for enthusiasts looking for classic equipment.

·         An assortment of miscellaneous donated equipment, ranging from Hi-Fi sets to routers and Blu-Ray players.

All items come with a 3-month warranty and are thoroughly checked and repaired by our talented team. All items are available for purchase from Community Furniture Store York. 30% concession discount is available for people in receipt of means-tested benefits, as well as students.  

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ITReUse is a project which helps to provide the most vulnerable people in York with IT equipment, allowing them to connect to the internet. With the help of the donation and purchase of used devices, we can continue our efforts. Since April, we have given away over 100 computers, as well as over 50 tablets and smartphones – all saved from landfill, as well as 288 SIM cards, each providing 20GB of data per month for 6 months. 

One recipient said of their device: “I could not have completed my course or searched for employment without it. I also use it to book doctors’ appointments and keep track of emails. It’s fantastic!” 

Over the last 2+ years, ITReUse has welcomed dozens of volunteers into our workshop, raised the profile of digital inclusion in York, and given away hundreds of devices to those in need through a fabulous network of support workers.    

We are still in need of used laptops and other devices for the project. If you have a device that you would like to donate, you can find out more on our website at: 

This important step towards self-sustainability marks a watershed moment for a project that began in a back office with two volunteers, and two laptops. Our 2020-22 Impact Report makes abundantly clear the value the project has brought to York’s digital offering, and what the service has provided to so many – be it women in refuge accessing online courses, or recovering addicts who were able to continue attending support sessions during COVID. It’s precisely because of the value of our work that this new step towards the continued support of York’s most vulnerable is such an exciting and gratifying one. 

The task of selling affordable IT equipment to a wider audience than ever before – to those looking for a cost-effective route to digital access, or a home PC makeover, is one we are pleased to take on. Whether it’s an RGB keyboard, mouse, or lightweight monitor – ITReUse can offer good quality kit that’s been thoroughly tested – like our big stash of gaming equipment – without breaking the bank and while eliminating waste.