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What’s new with ITReUse? #4

Hi all,

A special edition this time around – all about the visit of 5 volunteers from our partners boxxe! A national tech company, they make sure to put aside days for their staff to volunteer with local projects, and we were lucky enough to have them in store on Tuesday the 1st of November.

The team were eager to get hands on with some of our donated tech, and quickly got to grips with the wiping of desktop computers, installation of operating systems, and function testing devices.

I had the opportunity to chat with one of the guys, Mark, about ITReUse, and what the chance to dedicate time to the local community on days like this means. Mark was returning to the workshop, having spent some time with us before:

“It’s nice to get a chance to support community projects, putting existing skills to good use and developing new ones – like use of the microscope!”

He also told me how rewarding it is to aid a project that eliminates e-waste whilst supporting the most vulnerable with IT equipment and internet access.

Asked whether he would come back, and continue supporting ITReUse with his time, he answered simply:


Our 2020-2022 impact report reported that 100% of ITReUse volunteers had been helped to feel less isolated through the project, and we hope to continue this fantastic volunteer dynamic for many years to come!

Mark from boxxe just outside the ITReUse workshop

Stay tuned for an incredibly exciting update about ITReUse next week… we can’t wait to share more with you on that!